Is Plastic Surgery Safe for Teens?

Complete Information About Is Plastic Surgery Safe for Teens

Traditionally, plastic surgery was for adults. There was little research on the practicality of surgery on younger patients. However, recent research shows plastic surgery patients are getting younger while the number of teens is increasing significantly. Here is everything to know about teens and plastic surgery.

How Safe Is Plastic Surgery for Teens?

Plastic surgery is appropriate in selected teens and can be successfully done by pediatric plastic surgeons. These surgeons perform reconstructive and cosmetic surgery on young patients to help improve their self-esteem. There is no age restriction for the surgery in kids, but parental consent is necessary for all patients under 18 years.

The number of teens opting for plastic surgery is on the rise. Experienced surgeons like Dr. Joel Aronowitz suggest the most common surgery for patients between thirteen to nineteen years include;

  • Breast implants
  • Nose reshaping
  • Breast reduction
  • Ear pinning
  • Liposuction

Why Do Teens Consider Plastic Surgery?

Although not all, a significant percentage of teens consider plastic surgery to enhance their physical stature. According to ASPS, teens want surgery differently from adults. Teens see surgery as an approach to fit in their peer groups, while adults view it as a way to stand out.

The ASPS data showed over 20,000 patients under nineteen had plastic surgery procedures in 2013. Some of these patients looked to correct their physical defects or alter a body part, making them uncomfortable. If you have gynecomastia (excess breast tissue), reduction surgery will make you feel more comfortable.

Other teens opt for plastic surgery because they are unhappy with their appearance. This issue is common among adolescents, and the surgery helps boost their confidence. Cosmetic procedures like dermabrasion smoothen and camouflage severe acne scars, making you appreciate your appearance more.

What Teens Should Consider Before Plastic Surgery

There are several critical considerations for every teen planning to get plastic surgery. First, it would help to understand that almost all teens are self-conscious about their bodies. Everyone has one or two things they’d like to change if asked. A significant part of self-consciousness disappears with time, even without undergoing plastic surgery.

You also need to know your body is going through many changes in your teen years. It may cause some body parts to appear too small or large, but they will eventually become more proportionate with time. What seems like a big nose today will fit perfectly once the face catches up during growth.

Sometimes it is emotions that trigger the need for plastic surgery in teens. Your emotions significantly affect the perception you have of your physical appearance. Individuals suffering from depression or extreme self-criticism think changing looks will solve their problems. However, it will not. These individuals should first find a trained therapist to help work out their emotional issues.

Reconstructive surgery is better as it helps repair significant defects in your body. Cosmetic surgery only changes your appearance and is unlikely to change your life. Thankfully, surgeons take their time interviewing teens interested in plastic surgery to ensure they are mature enough and want it for the right reasons.

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