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This post elaborates more details on Write for Us Photography and the essential points for writing a guest blog.

If you are a photography enthusiast or wish to share your experience and knowledge with the audience through writing, we have an excellent opportunity for you here. Write for Us Photography guest blogging is open for all inclined to write. Whether you are a fresher or a professional photographer, this is a chance to grab and experience the marvel of sharing your thoughts and knowledge with the audience.

More details about the process and eligibility are listed in the upcoming paragraphs.

About the Website

We are an international website looking for candidates with the skills of research, writing, crafting unique content, and informing the audience. Our team includes expert writers with years of expertise in building informative and engaging articles. For our Write for Us + Photography guest blogs, we expect writers to have the ability to generate content that can spike the hunger in the readers to learn more.

We also recommend that participants go through other similar categories to understand the writing tone required for different genres. Some of the top categories include:

News articles are developed to enable readers to understand what is going on globally. It involves deep research to gain insight into facts and prevent the spread of false agendas.

Technology-based content is drafted to update the audience about the recent progress happening in the field.

Other prominent genres include crypto, lifestyle, health, and education, amongst many more.

Photography Write for Us – Eligibility for Participation

Our website ranks among the top platforms for its content and informative articles. In addition, we want our candidates to make complete efforts to produce unique and different content from others on the internet. On its basis and following the standards set by our website, we have enlisted a few criteria which must be thoroughly followed. In addition, we have laid out the eligibility norms for each piece of content. These include:

  • Candidates must have basic knowledge of writing and how to develop content.
  • They must be well-read and hold the curiosity to know more
  • Must possess research abilities to check as many sources such as videos, podcasts, latest articles, and competitor sites to draft more content
  • Graduates and individuals who possess equivalent programs are eligible for guest blogging
  • Participants must have general knowledge of SEO and other content structure
  • Vloggers, photographers, and experts are welcome to participate in guest blogging.

“Write for Us” + Photography – Ideas for Sample Guest Blogs

As writers, you may research various topics and draft content. However, herein, we have added a few reference ideas for guest blogging, listed below.

  • Learn the art of handling different cameras
  • Master the basics of shooting stunning pictures
  • The craft of photography using the magic of the lens
  • Create unbelievable stories through visual narratives
  • Explore nature photography from experts
  • Capture life from urban spaces through street photography
  • Navigating the art of cameras, accessories, and cameras
  • Using monochrome magic with black and white
  • Make the images an elegant art with excellent editing
  • Craft creative shots with DIY photography
  • Enhance your photography skills to the artistic level
  • Difference between analog and digital photography

Photography + “Write for Us” – Writing Regulations for Guest Blogs

Writing content on photography requires elaborate research skills and the ability to create user-centric articles. We have listed a few guidelines that are necessary for writing, along with providing website standards. Check out below:

  • Articles must be limited to a stipulated word limit. It must be at least 750 words and, at most, 1000 words.
  • Candidates must research various types of content. These include watching videos, reading other blogs and competitor sites, listening to podcasts, and more.
  • It should be appropriately segregated into sections, including introduction, subheadings, and conclusion.
  • The content must not be plain but include a combination of bullet points, graphs, tables, and statistics.
  • Photography “Write for Us” introduction must be limited from 80 to 100 words.
  • It must include keywords that align with the topic
  • The content must not be generated using AI tools and be completely original
  • We do not recommend articles that are drafted with a promotional tone. It should be utterly neutral without promoting any particular product or service related to the genre.

SEO Regulations

SEO is an integral part of the writing guidelines. Candidates need to know how to rank content on search engines. We need to draft the article to align with the SEO guidelines for this. Thus, we have enlisted what is imperative to draft an SEO centric content in the below points:

  • Have an enchanting headline or title
  • It should not be more than 55 characters
  • It is recommended to include a keyword in the headline
  • Add heading tags for subheads, which include H1, H2, H3, and H4
  • Avoid repetitions
  • Sentence length must be short and precise.
  • Must contain up to 10% of passive voice and also adjacent verbs
  • The sentence word limit is 20 words, and the paragraph limit is between 100 to 150 words
  • Check and proofread the articles thoroughly
  • Use editing tools like Grammarly and Plagiarism Checker to proofread the articles.

Process for Submitting Write for Us + Photography Articles for Guest Blogging

We have reduced the overall process of selection, cutting down to sharing only a sample article. The content must be drafted as per the instructions and guidelines provided above. Candidates are requested to share their sample contents via email at [email protected]. It must be shared in either Microsoft Word format or Google Docs. We do not accept samples in PDF format.

Final Conclusion

We are eager to welcome guest bloggers interested in building their portfolios and showcasing their prowess to the audience. However, reading all the instructions in the above sections is recommended before building a deft draft. For any queries related to Write for Us Photography or its instructions, you may email us.Our team will connect with you and respond to all your doubts. Once our team checks and approves the content, the respective candidates will be notified via email. To learn more about photography, click.

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