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This article elaborates on the criteria and writing guidelines for Write For Us Gardening guest blogs.

Are you a gardener or someone who has a peculiar fondness for gardening? Do you love to write on topics related to gardening? Whether you are a fresher or a professional, we have an excellent opportunity for you. Write For Us Gardening guest blogging is open for everyone who wishes to showcase their writing skills and build a strong portfolio. We welcome participants to take this opportunity to try their skills for a broad audience.

This article details all the necessary information for drafting a deft guest blog in the upcoming paragraphs.

About the Website

We are a global website bringing in articles related to various categories under one roof. All the writers in our team possess exemplary skills and capabilities to bring out the best articles uniquely and enlighten the audience. With our Write for Us + Gardening guest blog, we expect our candidates to have the hunger and curiosity to go beyond the standard research techniques and bring the best articles that can add value to the readers.

We have various other articles on our website that have gained traction over the years. Some have garnered excellent viewership and readership, considering the type of variety offered to the readers. Herein, we recommend that our candidates review it to get a sneak peek into the content structure and tone.

  • Health-related articles have gained much traction for their information quotient and adding value to readers. The writers are subject matter experts who perform in-depth research and utilize keywords to create an excellent read.
  • News articles are the need of the hour to enlighten the audience about the different happenings around the world. The motto of this genre is to provide facts to readers and remove any room for fallacy.
  • Other prominent categories include technology, science, cryptocurrency, lifestyle, etc.

Gardening Write for Us – Eligibility for Content Guest Blogging

Our website is known for its high quality. Hence, we want to bring the best guest bloggers with certain attributes and abilities that make them deft for this opportunity. Please read the criteria described below to gain a better insight into eligibility.

  • Graduates from any field with a gardening or related vocations degree are eligible for guest writing.
  • Vloggers and bloggers with experience in performing analysis and research are welcome.
  • The writers must possess good communication skills and get to know the audience’s pulse.
  • Freshers and professionals in the field who wish to explore their potential in the writing field
  • Subject matter experts with experience in gardening are also welcome
  • Candidates must be acquainted with writing basics and content structuring, along with an understanding of SEO

“Write for Us” + Gardening – Topic References

There are plenty of ideas that can be used for crafting unique content. We have herein provided reference topics for candidates to draft a sample article.

  • Creating Urban Gardens and Cultivating Green Spaces
  • Year-Round Guide for Gardening
  • Tricks for Greener Living in an Eco-Friendly Way
  • How to Transform Your Home into a Beautiful Abode
  • DIY Techniques for Crafting Elaborate Gardens
  • Ways to Grow Your Own Kitchen Garden
  • Tips for Amateur Gardeners
  • Growing Herbs and Plants for Better Health
  • Sustainable Gardening to Nurture the Planet
  • Explorative Stories by Professional Gardeners
  • Tips for Cultivating Medicinal Gardens
  • Guide for Seasonal Gardening in Your Backyard

Gardening + “Write for Us” – Important Writing Regulations

Writing is an important aspect of communication. It enables readers to get an insight into the writer’s mind and enlighten the audience about the facts. Candidates are expected to understand writing regulations to make it best for publication. In the below section, we have enlisted a few rules to be followed based on the website standards.

  • Content must be unique and provide knowledge to the readers
  • It should be able to add value to the audience in getting a new insight into the subject
  • We recommend that candidates not use any AI tools to generate articles. Content which are identified to be created using AI will be rejected immediately
  • Research.. research, and research. Refer to podcasts, videos, competitor sites, research papers, etc., to bring out the best content on the site.
  • The word limit of the articles must be at most 750 words as a lower limit or exceed 1000 words.
  • Gardening “Write for Us” blogs must be thoroughly proofread and edited per the required standards.
  • Divide the article into proper segments, including the introduction, sub-sections, and conclusion.

SEO Essentials

SEO is extremely important for ranking articles on search engines. Listed below are a few search engine optimization essentials that all candidates must follow mandatorily.

  • Heading tags are a must for all articles
  • Segregate appropriate tags for contents based on their importance
  • Identify keywords that have high density and most searches
  • The keywords must be relevant to the topic
  • It should be distributed based on the keyword density as per the total word limit
  • Keywords must include primary, secondary, and LSI keywords
  • Use images and stats. Photos must be free of copyright infringement
  • Add sources wherever relevant

Method for Submitting Write for Us + Gardening Sample Articles

Guest blogging for our website is extremely easy. There is no lengthy procedure to follow. We have smoothened the entire process, wherein a sample article must be shared with us via email at [email protected]. The sample should be drafted and shared in a Word document. While sending Google Docs, ensure you have enabled view for all access. Please note that we do not accept PDF format.

Final Conclusion

We encourage freshers and all writing enthusiasts to pick this opportunity to showcase their talent in guest blogging. However, reading the instructions mentioned in the above sections is essential. Please read the Write For Us Gardening article guidelines added to this article. Know more about gardening, click here. If any confusion or query is related to the sections listed above, we request you drop a message at Email ID. Our team will immediately connect with you to resolve all the puzzlement.

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