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The Slim Shady Obituary Wiki explains Slim Shady’s age, biography, and other details. The Detroit rapper is sticking to his album rollout plans for his next project, The Death of Slim Shady. 

This project will see Eminem formally retire his alter-ego alias, which played a big part in his early career ascent to fame. People from the United States and Canada were looking forward to getting more details on it.

Slim Shady Obituary Wiki: Slim Shady Definition.

This is a verified memorial for “Slim Shady,” which purportedly continues on the topic of his alter-ego’s purported demise. It was supposedly put out by the Detroit Free Press, a local magazine, on May 14. With this album, the rapper obviously wants to redefine himself, even though a lot of it is yet unknown.

“Slim Shady Made Lasting Impressions” was the subject of the obituary. It also featured an image of Eminem sporting a Jason Voorhees hockey mask and denim overalls. The title of the article asked, “What did the Obituaries say regarding Eminem’s alter-ego, ‘Slim Shady’?”

In the obituary that appeared in the Detroit Free Press newspaper, Slim Shady was described as a “product of Detroit.” The obituary detailed his ascent to prominence when he emerged into the thriving rap scene in the late 1990s.

After that, the article gave credit to his famous 1999 song My Name Is. It has received over 500 million Spotify plays to date. The track lineup for his follow-up record, The Slim Shady LP, included this song.

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Slim Shady Obituary Wiki: Biography

Slim Shady Obituary Wiki Biography

Marshall, The sole child of Marshall Bruce Mathers Jr. and Deborah Rae “Debbie,” was Bruce Mathers III.  His mother gave birth to him and spent 73 hours in labor, almost dying. Before they split up, Eminem’s parents played in Ramada Inns near the border between Montana and the Dakotas as part of a band called Daddy Warbucks. When Eminem was just a year and a half old, his father left the family, leaving Eminem to grow up in poverty with just his mother, Debbie. 

Slim Shady Obituary Wiki

Name Marshall Bruce Matthers III
Year of Birth October 17, 1972
Age 51
Nick Names Slim Shady
Occupations Rapper, song writer, record Producer
Spouses Kimberly Anne Scott
Children 3

Who is waiting for the release?

Em is probably getting ready for the release of The Death of Slim Shady. During a private conversation with Jimmy Kimmel, where he was sat next to Snoop Dogg and 50 Cent. Dr. Dre made the initial announcement about the project after being questioned about the likelihood of Em releasing a new album. 

A reporter from an imaginary investigative program called “Detroit Murder Files” opened the trailer by describing to viewers how he would walk them through each phase that led to Slim Shady’s demise. The reporter attributes his downfall primarily to his outrageous antics and overall attitude. 

In the teaser, 50 Cent also made an appearance. He talked about how hard it was for him to deal with Slim, saying that the two were never friends and even going so far as to label the artist a “psychopath.”

 In closing the video, Eminem made an appearance to emphasize how he always knew that things for “Slim” were going to get worse eventually.


According to online sources, on April 26, Eminem posted an official Death of Slim Shady album trailer to all of his social media platforms, stating in the description that the album would be out in the “summer” of 2024. Know more details on Slim Shady online.

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