[Watch New Video] Raine Burdette Twitter: Who Is Raine Burdette? Check The Content On Her Video, And Also Find Her Age Details

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The article on Raine Burdette Twitter has explained the viral scandal spreading online recently, in which a young influencer is involved.

Who Raine Burdette is? Why is Raine trending on social media? Are you also wondering about this young girl named Raine and why she is gaining so much attention? If yes, follow this article on Raine Burdette Twitter, and we will try to cover all the essential details about the topic. This news has been trending in the Philippines and many other parts of the world.

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Details About Raine Burdette Scandal

As per the claims, the social media influencer, Raine, has passed racial comments and remarks toward a group in anger. She and her group of friends were seated in a car while discussing a recent incident where one of her friends was mugged. Suddenly, she burst into anger and started using derogatory remarks and hurtful comments about the person who was accused of mugging her friend. 

This Raine Burdette Video, where she made such comments, went viral on social media and with her fans. Everyone who watched the video was very unhappy with how Raine made disrespectful comments. 

Disclaimer: We have gathered information through different sources available on the Internet and tried to deliver the main and credible facts about the scandal. 

Reaction From the Public & Consequences

The people on social media backlashed the influencer. People also called out the influencer community and how irresponsible they are. Netizens also claimed that these young influencers do not take responsibility for what they say and do, as they should. 

Initially, Raine did not accept that she had done anything wrong. But after receiving hate and backlash, she apologized for her Raine Burdette Viral Scandal. She even accepted that her remarks were harsh, offensive, unacceptable, and rude. She issued her apology to the public.  

Personal Details About Raine

Name Raine Burdette
Birth Date 22 September (the birth year was not mentioned).
Age Raine appears to be in her 20s. 
Location Guimba, Philippines
Education Our Lady of the Sacred Heart College of Gumbia.
Profession Social Media celebrity
Nationality Not mentioned 
Religion No information available

 Personal details of the Raine were not available on the Internet. Some of the details were present on her Facebook. No email address or contact details were provided. 

Social Media Accounts

Raine Burdette Twitter

She joined Twitter in December 2020, and she has 93 followers.


There are way too many accounts with the same name, and all claim to be the real account of Raine, but this account looks legit so far. She has more than 36 thousand followers but has just posted one post and a couple of highlights.


So many accounts with the same name are available, but this account appears authentic. We have also collected some details through this account. 

TikTok: We could not find the link to her official account. But it is known that she has more than 100 thousand followers on TikTok, unlike Raine Burdette Twitter.


This article has addressed the most searched topic of recent days, Raine Burdette and her derogatory remarks, an influencer or a celebrity are supposed to be a role model for society, but what happens is when these people gain popularity, amass followers, earn money from it. Raine has apologized for making racial comments. Click here to see her pictures.

Did you know who Raine is? Please let us know all the details through the comment section.

Must Read Updates on Raine Burdette Twitter: FAQs

Q1. Who is Raine Burdette?

A1. Raine Burdette is an Instagram Model and a TikTok star.

Q2. Where is Raine from?

A2. As per her Facebook profile, she is from Guimba, Philippines. 

Q3. What are her college name and her birthdate?

A3. Her birthdate is 22nd September, and she studies at Our Lady of the Sacred Heart College of Guimba.

Q4. Why is Burdette trending?

A4. She has been caught passing racial and offensive comments to a particular group.

Q5. What was her reaction after the backlash from the public?

A5. At first, she claimed to be innocent, but later she apologized to everyone for her actions.

Q6. What is Raine Burdette Age?

A6. Some websites claim she is 22, but no authentic information is available. Although, she does feel like she is in her 20s.

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