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This article discusses the Write for Us Technology guest blogging opportunity and highlights the criteria for participation.

Technology is a broader topic. The technological evolution opens the door for broader debates and discussions related to the subject. If you are technology savvy or find the topic interesting, we have brought you an opportunity. This is a writing opportunity for all bloggers, subject matter experts, and those inclined to develop online content. Our Write for Us Technology guest blogging is open to every creator who can use words to enlighten the audience.

All details related to the opportunity are provided below to help our participants learn the nuances of accurate guest blogging.

About the Website

We are a global website. Over the years, we have garnered much traction from readers worldwide. Our team includes imminent writers who thrive on presenting engaging and knowledgeable content to the audience. Our website aims to provide readers with articles that add value to their knowledge base. The writer must be interested in technology-related topics for Write for Us + Technology blogs and be able to perform research, basic SEO knowledge, and ideas for structuring content.

Apart from the above, many of our genres have garnered much traffic. Some of the popular categories include:

News Articles: News has been the most popular genre. The writers for this genre are highly research-oriented and thrive in providing content that is based merely on facts. The aim is to shed ignorance and prevent the spread of false news.

Review Articles: This genre includes articles based on website and product reviews. Our writers perform extensive research to identify which websites or products are legit and which are scams.

In addition, other categories that have high traction include health, crypto, science, education, and more.

Technology Write for Us – Eligibility Policies

The digital space is filled with content related to technology. That makes it even more important to keep the readers’ curiosity intact. We expect our writers to fulfill specific criteria to fit the eligibility for our guest blogging opportunity. These criteria are listed below:

Educational Qualification: We expect the writers to be at least graduates in the technological field. Besides, it is also accepted if you hold professional qualifications in the field; however, if you are a fresher and have experience writing technology-related content.

Professional Qualification: Our website welcomes professionals and subject matter experts in technology to build articles. In addition, if you already have expertise in vlogging or blogging on technology-related topics, you can try this guest blogging opportunity.

Content Knowledge: All the participants must follow the instructions and guidelines in the upcoming sections.

Technology Write for Us – Blogging Ideas as Reference

Although there is no dearth of topics, here we have provided a few suggestions that the participants can refer to when developing blogs:

  • Latest tech trends for the coming year 2024
  • The transformative phase of technology towards smart living
  • Exploring evolving technologies and their future
  • Ways technology is reshaping and redesigning industries
  • How to navigate digital threats using technology
  • The implications of AI on industries
  • Trends and tips for future developers in a coding environment
  • Review of latest tech gadgets
  • Use of green technology for sustainable and eco-friendly tomorrow
  • Looking beyond the gaming world into Augmented and Virtual reality
  • Combining fashion and technology through wearable tech wonders
  • How big data, analytics, and data science drive the world of technology

“Write for Us” + Technology – Rules and Policies

As a global website, we look for the highest quality content that matches the requirements of readers. Herein, we expect all our writers to follow the standard guidelines which we have set for our website. These are as follows:

  • The content must abide by the word limit without adding excessive content that does not match the requirement.
  • Ensure the word limit does not exceed 750 to 1000 words bandwidth.
  • Articles must be appropriately segregated into sections of small paragraphs.
  • Each section must be informative without conveying data outside the topic.
  • We strictly restrain promotional content which aims at advertising any product or service related to the industry.
  • Including meta description and meta title are a must.
  • All Technology + “Write for Us” must be adequately edited and proofread using authentic SEO tools.
  • Meta description and title must abide by the character limit, which is 55 and 160 characters.
  • Maintain clarity and add reliable sources wherever any stats or facts are included.

SEO Rules

Along with following the general guidelines, writers must be adept with the basic SEO rules. Here are a few SEO essentials that all participating writers must mandatorily follow.

  • Maintain proper keyword density, which must align with the overall word count.
  • The content must not be copied from any AI sources. Any content that is identified to be generated using AI tools will be immediately rejected.
  • Sentences must be short, and paragraphs not exceeding 150 words in length.
  • Add headings such as H1, H2, etc.
  • The font size must be readable.
  • Follow uniformity with the font.

How do you share the Sample Technology “Write for Us” article?

We expect all the articles to be of high quality and abide by the rules and criteria in the abovementioned sections. Writers herein must share their sample articles, crafted based on the instructions, with us via email at [email protected]. The articles must be in Microsoft Word or a Google Doc file. We do not accept PDF files as samples.

Final Conclusion

All participating writers must strictly read the policies before crafting the article. We are eager to go through your engaging content, which is SEO-friendly and knowledgeable for the readers. This article has elaborated on all the information required to craft Write for Us Technology articles. Hence, we request that writers follow all the rules with proper clarity.

In case of any doubts or sections need clarity, please share your questions with us via email. Our team will instantly connect with you to resolve them at the earliest. To get more information about technology, click here.

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