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This post about Justin Pearson Wife shows the dedication and support of a spouse for her partner to get justice.

Why is Justin Pearson’s friend in the news? Did she vow for her companion? Justin Pearson is in the news for his association with a campaign against gun violence, shocking people across the United States, Canada, and other places about it.

Justin Pearson and Justin Jones were lately expelled from the House. However, Pearson’s partner supported him. So, let us read some vital facts about Justin Pearson Wife.

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This post shares an incident but does not hurt anyone’s emotions and does not support it. We only lay out the information.

Who is Justin Pearson’s friend?

Although Justin Pearson did not tie the knot, he is in a relationship with Oceana Gillian. Their engagement duration is unknown because they keep their relationship’s specifics private. 

Oceana Gillian, Girlfriend and fiancé of Justin Pearson’s, swore that Pearson would continue to fight for democracy and justice.

Which incident is associated with Justin Pearson?

Gun violence caused Justin Pearson to lose a college friend and a mentor. His tragedy feeds his zeal for pushing gun control legislation. ‘The Tennessee three’ member Pearson was dismissed from the House of Representative of Tennessee. 

The dismissal was for participating in a demonstration on the House floor in favor of tighter gun control regulations.

Is Justin’s partner supporting her?

In addition to being a constant supporter in Justin’s battle with the House of Representatives of Tennessee, Oceana Gillian backed him during his campaign. In a conversation with Garrison Hayes of Mother Jones, Oceana predicted that Justin would be removed from the House.

What were Oceana’s statements while supporting Justin?

Oceana stated that it was demoralizing to imagine that the Republicans could remove him with only a few votes. She added that her heart aches so badly. Both Justin and their community had put in much effort to reach here.

Many people think that Justin Is Married to Oceana. However, he is not. Besides, Oceana mentioned that the House treats Justin with rudeness and neglects Justin. Oceana also promised that Justin and his admirers would continue to fight for his justice.

What was Justin Pearson’s reaction to getting support from his fiancé?

Justin Pearson thanked his fiancé in a tweet mentioning that she is struggling with citizens and striving to get justice in Tennessee. He mentioned that it is high time to take action against the proliferation of guns and stand up for their towns’ struggling residents. He added that they would continue fighting and be thankful to his Fiance.

Can Justin return to the House?

According to a press statement issued by the Board of Commissioners of Shelby County, Mickell Lowery, the Chairman, mentioned that the board would “assess the decision of reassigning Mr. Pearson Justin to his officially appointed position to serve the people of District 86. Besides, Justin Jones Ethnicity is American-African (father) and Filipino (Mother).

Wiki Of Justin’s Wife:

  • Real name- Oceana Gillian 
  • Date of birth- not available
  • Citizen- Tennessee
  • Relationship status- Engaged
  • Partner- Justin Pearson
  • Oceana from Tennessee Age: Not available

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Justin Pearson’s partner recently made headlines due to her support of Justin. The two democrats, Justin Pearson and Justin Jones were expelled from Tennessee’s House due to the campaign against controlling gun violence. Pearson was reappointed and regained the duly achieved seat in the House. 

Did you hear about Justin Pearson participating in the protest? Comment below about the people who participate in violence-opposing campaigns.

Justin Pearson Wife: FAQs

Q1. Who is Justin Pearson’s partner?

Oceana Gillian

Q2. Why was Justin Pearson’s partner in the news?

For supporting Justin Pearson

Q3. What is Justin Pearson’s partner fighting for?

For justice for Justin Pearson

Q4. Was Justin Pearson reappointed?


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